Operating Characteristics of Micro Motors
Source of the article:Shenzhen Ya Teng Motor Co., LtdDate of Publication:2016-10-28

Operating characteristics

Commonly used output and input, or an output and the relationship between the output to represent the other. From the control requirements, the static characteristic curve should be continuous, smooth, no mutation; dynamic characteristics of the common frequency curve or response curve to represent. The frequency curve should be smooth, no sudden jump point; response curve should be fast convergence.


Corresponds to the magnitude of the output of the unit input signal. Generally used than the torque, than the electromotive force, amplification factor, said.


Under certain input conditions, the actual value of the output signal and the theoretical value of the difference represents the accuracy of micro-motor, commonly used error size.

Impedance or resistance

In the system, the micro-motor input and output impedance should be matched with the corresponding circuit to ensure the system performance and accuracy.


Not only is the special requirement of control micro-motor, micro-motor and power micro-motor drive also have this requirement. The service life, failure rate, reliability and mean time between failures (MTBF) are used to characterize the reliability of the micro-motor.

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