Related parameters of micro - motor
Source of the article:Shenzhen Ya Teng Motor Co., LtdDate of Publication:2016-10-28

Various types of micro-motor performance varies greatly, its performance parameters is difficult to clarify. Generally speaking, the driving force for the focus on the operation and start the power indicator; for power to consider the output power, waveform and stability; control micro-motor is biased on the static and dynamic characteristics of the parameters. The characteristic parameters of the first two types of motors are similar to those of ordinary motors.

The control micro-motor has its unique characteristic parameters.

Micro-motor model significance:

The first letter represents the appearance: R for round, F for flat, S for rectangle;

F, D: metal plate fork brush; C, K, H, S, T: carbon brush; F:

The third number represents the rotor diameter;

The fourth digit represents the length of the magnet or case;

The fifth number represents the number of rotor slots: 0 for 3 slots, 5 for 5 slots, and 3 for 12 slots.

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