The role of noise reduction grease
Source of the article:Shenzhen Ya Teng Motor Co., LtdDate of Publication:2016-10-28

The role of noise reduction grease

In this case,

Low noise grease: high viscosity semi-synthetic oil as the base oil, lithium soap as the thickening agent and a special solid lubricant, anti-oxidation, extreme pressure anti-wear agent refined from a variety of high-load gear grease . This high-adhesion grease is designed for lubrication of plastic / plastic, metal / plastic and metal / metal parts that are resistant to load and wear, and has excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance and durability. Applicable temperature range: -30 ~ + 150 ℃.

Lubrication performance characteristics

※ excellent adhesion and oil film lubrication, long-term elimination of noise;

※ grease contains a large number of solid lubricants, low coefficient of friction, carrying capacity;

※ excellent water resistance and oxidation resistance, and most of the plastic and elastomer good compatibility;

※ Good shear stability and colloid stability, low volatility and diffusibility.

Lubrication applications

Anti-wear, silencer and lubrication for metal / plastic gears, worm gears, slide rails, slide rails, guide rails, slide bearings, plain bearings, pivot pins, spline pins for higher loads;

※ Applicable to the requirements of load-bearing, anti-wear gear motor gears, office chair shock absorber parts or lift rods and car seat slide lubrication.

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