Brushless motor and brush the difference between the motor
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Brushless motor and brush the difference between motor:

1, the scope of application:

Brushless motor: usually used in the control requirements are relatively high, relatively high speed equipment, such as aircraft model, precision instruments and other strict control of the motor speed, high speed of the device, and now the most advanced hand dryer, Dior electrical brushless motor DIHOUR hand dryer is also used in this motor, the cost of its motors and controllers are high, so also after the comparison of high-end equipment was used.

Brush motor: usually power equipment are used brush motor, such as hair dryer, the factory motor, home range hood, etc., while the series motor speed can reach a very high, but due to carbon brush wear, use Life as brushless motor.

2, the service life:

Brushless motor: usually life in the tens of thousands of hours of this magnitude, but due to the different brushless motor bearing life is also very different.

Brush motor: brush motor is usually a continuous working life of hundreds to more than 1,000 hours, reaching the limit on the need to replace the carbon brush, or it is likely to cause wear and tear of the bearing.

3, the use of effects:

Brushless motor: usually digital variable frequency control, controllability, from a few minutes per minute, to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute can be easily achieved.

Brush motor: Brush motor start after the general work of constant speed, speed is not very easy, series motor can reach 20,000 rev / min,

But the service life will be relatively short.

4, energy-saving aspects:

Relatively speaking, the brushless motor frequency control technology than the string energy-saving motor control a lot, the most typical is the inverter air conditioner and refrigerator.

5, the future maintenance, the carbon brush motor needs to replace the carbon brush, if not timely replacement will cause damage to the motor, and brushless motor, long life, usually brush motor 10 times more, but bad need to be replaced Motor, but the basic maintenance does not need.

6, noise and whether it is a brushless motor has nothing to do, mainly to see the bearings and motor components with the situation.

In addition to the external dimensions (diameter, length, shaft diameter, etc.), weight, voltage range, no-load current, maximum current and other parameters, but also an important indicator - KV value, this value is Brushless motor is a unique performance parameters, is to determine the performance characteristics of brushless motor is an important data.

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