Common Knowledge of Brushless DC Motor
Source of the article:Shenzhen Ya Teng Motor Co., LtdDate of Publication:2016-10-28

Common Knowledge of Brushless DC Motor

(1) Before disassembly, use the compressed air to clean the motor surface dust, and the surface dirt wipe clean.

(2) Select the motor disintegration of the workplace, clean up the site environment.

(3) familiar with the structural characteristics of motor and maintenance technical requirements.

(4) ready to disintegrate the necessary tools (including special tools) and equipment.

(5) in order to further understand the defects in motor operation, conditions can be done before the demolition of an inspection test. To test the voltage, current, speed and so on, and then disconnect the load, do a separate load test, the test of the air, sound, vibration, and so on. Load current and no-load loss, good record.

(6) cut off the power, remove the motor external wiring, good record.

(7) use the appropriate voltage megohm meter test motor insulation resistance. In order to check with the last inspection insulation resistance compared to determine the motor insulation trends and insulation status, insulation resistance measured at different temperatures should be converted to the same temperature, the general conversion to 75 ℃.

(8) Test Absorption Ratio K. When the absorption ratio greater than 1.33, indicating that the motor insulation has not been damp or damp degree is not serious. In order to compare with the previous data, the same should be measured at any temperature absorption ratio conversion to the same temperature.

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