Factory director

Responsibilities / Requirements:

1) College or above, major in culture, electronics or mechanics, male or female, under 38 years old

2) At least 4 years of experience in electrical plant management, only responsible for the quality department or production department, may first serve as deputy director.

3) familiar with the operation of various departments of the factory, with a control of more than 200 production-oriented high-tech enterprises.

4) Familiar with ISO9001 grade TS16949, can be used in the factory management.

5) can work under pressure to work overtime. Have a strong planning capacity.

Chief Engineer

Responsibilities / Requirements:

1) 2KW within and outside the brushless internal and external rotor motor with and refining the ability to grasp

2) The motor control (hardware and software) and electromagnetic design have control

3) Reducing the gear tolerance, material, structure has a profound understanding of harmonic deceleration system can be designed better.

4) Have many years of experience in Yaskawa, MAXON, KUKA and other international companies

5) If only one of the skills and have a high level of certainty

6) After one year of work can enjoy the company dividends

3. Salesman

Job Description / Requirements:

1) college culture;

2) have a preliminary understanding of the electrical industry, with training potential;

3) have a strong sense of professionalism and enterprise

4) have some psychological knowledge, with the basic characteristics of the negotiations

4. Management Trainee

Job Description / Requirements:

For the production management, quality control, business development training reserve team

Undergraduate and above

2) interested in manufacturing management

3) with a wealth of emotional or professional spirit of deliberation

4) Please send a brief description of your family situation when sending your resume

5. Brushless motor drive software senior engineer


1) Participate in understanding customer needs

2) can adjust the design PCBA software

3) Assist in auditing PCBA supplier qualification / price and evaluate PCBA reliability

4) sufficient conditions, may be the post of technical director, may consider the company equity / dividends


1) Electrical and electronic goods information engineering undergraduate culture

2) Independent design of BLDC motor drive circuit and more than 5 years of actual combat experience, and a successful experience

3) PCBA hardware and software design with a deep understanding and master, skilled MCU development, proficient in single-chip, DSP and other circuit design

4) Very familiar with and understanding of electronic devices

6. Brushless motor electromagnetic structure engineer

Job Description / Requirements:

1) College culture, 3 years of experience in brushless motor electromagnetic structure design

2) Independent design and development of internal and external rotor products, familiar with BLDC motor materials

3) familiar with simulation software, familiar with the motor-driven selection, familiar with electronic components

4) Be familiar with APQP and PPQP processes and implement them

5) The position must have a successful combat experience before hiring

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Email: hr@yatengmotor.com